WALTON, KY – August 7, 2006 – Vertical Systems International, a leading provider of continuous and reciprocating vertical conveyors, has announced that a new line of high quality, affordable spiral conveyors has been added to its product line.

So many customers “were requesting us to develop a high-quality, cost efficient line of spiral conveyors that it made perfect sense to expand our product line. This is a huge leap in the right direction.” said Dan Quinn, President of Vertical Systems International. “In the world of material handling, using overhead space to convey products is much easier than expanding a current building. We are now a total solution provider for moving products vertically,” he said.

Vertical lifts and spirals can convey any type of product either up or down to utilize overhead space and free up room on the floor of a distribution or manufacturing facility. This is especially vital in an economy where expanding current facilities is not a reasonable option due to the costs of real estate and construction.
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