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Lifting Solutions

Autostore Mechanical Indexing Lift

The Autostore is a mechanical indexing lift used for vertical storage and accumulation during peak production times.  It is capable of handling the high cycle rates of day in and out usage.  The heavy duty drive mechanism makes this lift well suited for vertical storage/buffering.

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AutoStore Features

  • Load weights are from 1 lb. to 2,000 lbs. plus.

  • Packages must be a consistant width.

  • Infeed conveyor included.


  • Modular design with standard components reduces costs.

  • Very quiet operation-less than 80 decibel.

  • Many roller options available.

  • Loading and unloading in "Z", "C" and multiple infeed/discharge.

  • Complete control panel to control all machine functions for automatic and manual operations is standard and can be designed to control other conveyors. 


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