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Lifting Solutions

Product Catalog

Vertical Systems International is a major manufacturer of Continuous and Reciprocating Vertical Lifts, as well as, Pallet Lifts, Pallet Stackers/Dispensers and Custom Control Panels.
All of our lifts are built to be heavy duty pieces of equipment. We use only heavy duty, premium quality lifting chains, heavy duty bearings and gearmotors in our  manufacturing process.

Vertical Lift

Lift rates up to 40/minute
Load capacity up to 5,000 lbs.
"Z" load travel pattern

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Spiral Conveyor
Spiral Conveyor

Continuous Vertical Conveyor

Up, Down, or Alternating Transport Directions
6-60m/min Speed Range
200-600mm Belt Width
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Mechanical Indexing Lift

Capable of high cycle rates of use
Well suited for vertical storage and buffering
"Z", "C" load travel & multiple infeed/discharge
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R-Series Multilift

 Pallet Lift

Load capacity up to 1,500 lbs
Single or Multi level load/unload
"Z", "C" or 90o load travel pattern
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Electric Pallet Lift

Electric Reciprocating 
Pallet Lift

Load capacity up to 20,000 lbs.
Single or Multi level load/unload
"Z", "C" or 90o load travel pattern

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Pallet Stacker/Dispenser

Pallet Staging

Load capacity up to 3,000 lbs.
Right hand, left hand or in-line dispensing configuration
Available with  infeed/discharge conveyor
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Electrical Controls

Control Panel

Each lift is furnished with a control panel.
Manual circuit protection is provided for  each motor.
All panels are in compliance with National Electrical Code regulations.
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