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Lifting Solutions

Vertical Lift Quote

Fill out our online quote form and your request will be sent directly to our sales department.  Making service easier on our customer is a number one goal.  


"C" "Z" "90"
Model Required Up Down


Yes No
Package or item to be handled (also describe bottom)

Package Length in direction of travel
Max: Min:
Length Length
Width Width
Height Height

Package Wt.

Min lbs Max lbs
Package Rate per min. per hour
Load Elevation Discharge Elevation
Total Change of Elevation
Special conditions

Customer conveyor to and from lift 
(Describe conveyor width, type and speeds)

Environmental & Plant Electrical Equipment
Enclosed Freezer Other (please describe)
Explosion Proof Wash Down
Site Access Doors
Height Width
Hours/day lift runs Days/week
UL approved electrical panel required? Yes     No
Are you a distributor for a conveyor manufacturer?  
If so, who

Contact Information

Company Phone
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Zip Code

Is it necessary for the price to be firm for 45 days?   Yes     No


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